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Web Developer. I'm Passionately Curious About Following Ambitious Ideas

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Im a web developer with a flare for creativity living in the central belt of scotland. I have a broad skillset ranging from UI Design to both front and backend development and I have a keen interest in the psychology behind social networking platforms and the possibilities of modern email development to drive company interactions with there users. Creative ideas drive my passion and love for development, Nothing beats using technology in innovative ways to improve user experience and drive interaction. When I’m not working I’m pushing my own ideas to the limit and have started development on a Music Social Networking platform called Huskii.


Social Networking Aimed At Connecting Artists With Fans

Work My Passion

I currently work as front end developer for Equator, one of the top digital agencies in the UK and work with many high profile brands and companies. I enjoy a varied workload from developing engagement emails for large banking firms that break the boundaries of email limitations, to developing and maintaining component based websites for high profile insurance companies and hotel firms.

Own Your Fears

Together with another developer I created a component based campaign website for AXA PPP Healthcare aimed at promoting owning your fear. I handled most of the front end built including all javascript functionality built into the forms. During the project I provided a nice use case of the JS Mutation Observers API which allowed me to provide complete functionality between multiple components within the forms. This project was fun to work on and allowed for some nice clean Object Orientated js to drive the functionality of the site.

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Health Tech And You

Together with another developer we created a campaign site for AXA PPP Healthcare that was aimed at promoting the use of technology within health and wellbeing. We turned high-fidelity mocks into a live component based site within 2 weeks to meet a tight deadline for the client. I handled all of the javascript on the site ranging from the pop-ups the the form validation, and we provided a nice clean component based front end for the project.

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Malmaison Content Hub

Together with a team of developers I assisted in the creation of an API based content hub for Malmaison hotel. I Worked with integrating new components into an existing build structure. This project was one of the first I tackled at equator and lead to exposure working with backend developers and umbrage based API’s.

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Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank Responsive Email Developent

I was in charge of creating a new component based responsive email template for 2 of the UK’s largest banks. I used cutting edge techniques to turn complex layouts into accessible and engaging emails. I worked with a talented designer and together we provided the client new possibilities for email use within the company.

B Online Banking Responsive Email Development

I developed the new and improved component based responsive email template currrently being used by B online banking to engage with its customers. I was in charge of writing modular code to be supported in over 40 clients. During working on this project I have enabled the design team to be more creative by turning complex layouts into accessible and engaging emails that have improved open rates for the client.

Axa PPP Healthcare

I worked as the lead developer on a front end project for AXA PPP Healthcare. We created a fresh new component based solution to be integrated by a third party development team. We delivered a strong, robust build and created all functionality to stray away from third party dependencies. The sites functionality is written in Object Orientated JS and has a vast amount of API integrations. I also handled the Accessibility fo the project by providing a navigation that is both flexible and fully keyboard accessible.

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For the Gleneagles project I was in charge of on boarding code from a third party agency, setting up the LAMP stack servers for Test, Staging and live and securing each environment to industry level standard. During this project I was the sole developer in charge of receiving a large custom built Wordpress platform and deploying the solution to a fresh environment ensuring all functionality remained. I also completed work to fix and maintain the system and add new features at the clients request.

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Open Source Contributions


I actively contribute the open source style guide framework by fixing bugs and supplying helpful and in-depth technical answers to issues within the framework. I have been using the framework within huskii since the project started after having moved from KSS stylesheets, I would recommend this to any developer and i plan to start developing parts of the functionality to help out the NoDivide team, I hope to see usage of the framework grow within the next few years.

Latest Contribution

Huskii Slider

During my development of Huskii I plan not release parts of it as open source. Most of the releases will be OO JS modules. Including the Huskii Slider which is a custom built slider written in Core js and supports pagination, endless sliding, overflow hiding and Auto play. The script is designed to be initiated by passing an element to it and it will handle all the styling and accessibility changes for you. This module is also tested with Mocha based Unit testing to ensure it functions as desired. The slider docs are currently available as part of husky but will be released soon as a standalone project.

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